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NWRAA Gift Campaign


To NWRAA Members,
As many of you know, NWRAA is comprised of many individuals working year round to provide top-notch sports programs to our participants. We are strictly a volunteer organization operating solely on the generous contributions of our sponsors, parents, and on concessions throughout the season. We are honored your family chose to play at NWRAA and we are proud that the participation increases every year! Unfortunately, the expenses to operate increase as well. So now we are asking for your financial support to help sustain and improve NWRAA.
Each year we have some type of fundraiser to support our expenses. After much deliberation by the various boards, we have decided to try a different approach this season. The participation in our raffle efforts has been decreasing significantly every year so we have elected to engage in a “NWRAA GIFT CAMPAIGN” in place of the raffle for 2012.
Our goal is to raise $25,000 through this effort to offset our expenses and to compensate for the many improvements needed at our Highway 471 complex. Lighting for batting cages, irrigation and sod for existing softball field, dugout improvements, additional lighting of fields are just a few items in which the “NWRAA GIFT CAMPAIGN” funds will be appropriated.
NWRAA is your organization so please consider the amount you are able to contribute. Your gift is tax-deductible because we are a 501(C) (3) non-profit organization. Our Federal I.D. number is #57-0884066. Remember also that some employers offer a match program if you are donating privately. Every little bit helps, so join in our effort to make NWRAA even better.
Please help this “NWRAA GIFT CAMPAIGN” succeed. Every participant will reap the benefits from our generous giving! If you choose to participate, please have your contributions provided by May 1st.
Donations can be delivered to a board member, your coach, or by mailing to one of the following PO Boxes:

Please make all checks payable to NWRAA.

For Baseball Campaign- P.O. Box 4418 Brandon, Ms. 39047

For Softball Campaign- P.O. Box 4382 Brandon, Ms. 39047

Payments for the “NWRAA GIFT CAMPAIGN” may also be made online through debit/credit options at

Thank you for your consideration of our request. We are looking forward to another great season for NWRAA.

NWRAA Baseball-Softball Board